Attention: Academia

Greetings University Communications, Broadcasting and Journalism Professors…

When I was a student at Cornell University, I wished that the communications department (there was no broadcasting school) had covered interviewing- specifically interviewing celebrities. 

After 17 years of interviewing celebrities in Hollywood, the time had come for me to write:  Talk Big:  How to Interview Celebrities and Make Them Love You! 

I made it a point to create a versatile book that would serve the needs of broadcasters, print journalists, red carpet reporters and interviewers on podcasts, TV, Radio, panels, biographies and more.

I believe that my book will be a uniquely valuable part of any communications or broadcasting curriculum. Unlike when I went to school, my goal is to have this area of expertise covered for students. The detailed “how-to” roadmap laid out in my book is one solution worth considering.

My Request…

I’d like you to consider the possibility of your institution adopting Talk Big as a main or supplemental text in your communications/broadcasting/journalism programs (undergraduate or wherever you feel it would best fit).

Filling a Key Need

Talking with recent college graduates, I’ve found there’s a definite interest in my title among many broadcasting/communications/journalism programs. They saw it addressing a crucial “blind spot,” in those departments.

Talk Big thoroughly covers everything from how to contact and book celebrities, preparation, mind frame during an interview, pitfalls to avoid, and other practical advice. 

Books such as Talk Big can round out your curriculum with this ever-growing field of interpersonal communication. There are currently over 750,000 podcasts in production, many of which include celebrity/online influencer interviews. A proven technique can be instantly applied, even to interviews with local celebrities and professors on campus.

The Value of Talk Big

Practical, nuts-and-bolts information which is straightforward and to the point. It’s based on my specific experience interviewing stars on television, in magazines, panels, and numerous other platforms. Following my strategies will erase the need for a learning curve once out in the real world.

Attractive to students…

Budding interviewers want solid, relevant “how-to” information that spells it all out and preferably in an engaging way (see below). They don’t want to guess. And if they’re graduating with an undergraduate Communications, Broadcasting or Journalism degree and don’t want to teach, they’d like to be prepared to handle interviewing which not only applies to celebrities, but how to connect with people professionally and socially.

Easy to read…

While substantive and comprehensive, the book delivers the goods in a light-hearted, conversational and highly readable style that entertains, engages, connects with readers and keeps them reading. It’s a rare attribute in any text (especially academic ones), yet always welcome.

I encourage you to explore this web site in more depth, especially the links for sample chapter, table of contents, testimonials and more.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this possibility and I look forward to working with you. If you’d like to chat one-on-one, please feel free to call me at 310-497-5795.

If you’d like a complimentary desk copy of Talk Big, please…

Click the PDF file below to open, print out form on university letterhead, fill out, scan and email to me.

That’s it! I’ll confirm receipt of your request and get a book right out to you. Thanks again for your interest!