“John Kerwin is quite possibly the best interviewing coach in the world. After reading an advance copy of his book, Talk Big, I started a new career as a podcaster. That led to coaching sessions which have been priceless. John’s mentoring has been invaluable. He viewed episodes of my podcast and clearly showed me how they could be instantly better. It was like magic. As a mathematician, along with English being my second language, you’d think effective communication and interviewing would be impossible. However, with John Kerwin’s coaching, you can achieve the impossible. I highly recommend him as an interviewing coach for any platform.”

– Jose Ángel Manaiza, Jr.  The Power of Intention Podcast

“John Kerwin is an incredible mentor and guide in my journey to becoming a more effective interviewer. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to be advised by such an esteemed and experienced professional such as John. His mentorship is thorough and his true passion for the art of interviewing along with his drive to help others allows for a truly beneficial and enjoyable mentoring experience.”

– Quinn Eaton  The Behind My Journey Podcast

As the Internet continues to grow, the opportunities for interviewing celebrities has become infinitely more available than it’s ever been. The key to success is making your interviews as strong as they can be, whether for a Podcast, TV show, Radio, Print, or other media. 

The “how-to” of creating successful interviews is chronicled in Talk Big:  How to Interview Celebrities and Make Them Love You! (Click here)

At the same time, celebrity interviewing can be overwhelming: so many details, so much minutiae, so many things that need to happen, and so many ways to get it wrong. Having been at this game since 2001, I’d wager I’ve run across just about any scenario you might encounter – and many more you haven’t (yet). And my education proceeds daily.

One of the smartest things I did as an interviewer was find mentors – I’ve gotten help from Dick Cavett and Garry Shandling. Those gentlemen gave me greater confidence. They also allowed me to ask questions and provided answers on how I could improve. Mentors can shave years off the learning curve and guide you toward reaching your potential.

How Might You Use My Mentoring Service for Celebrity Interviewing?

  • Have you conducted an interview and felt that it was not up to your best ability?

  • Have you conducted an interview and felt that it was not up to your best ability?

  • Need an expert to study your interview work and provide specific feedback for improvement?

  • Want an experienced, “been-where-you-are” sounding board for approaches and strategies?

  • Do you feel that you aren’t connecting with guests or establishing a rapport, which allows them to open up to you?

  • Want to avoid some of the MANY common “newbie” mistakes?

  • Not sure how to approach and reach out to publicists and celebrities? See my Talk Big Toolbox. (click here)

  • Overwhelmed by the enormity of the process and need to construct a solid game plan?

  • Weighing the best platform for your interviewing style and goals?

  • Like the idea of a knowledgeable, longer-term, “on-call” resource you can tap when you want, with questions, concerns and challenges? See the 10-hour package below.

Here’s How It Works:

NOTE: All mentoring is conducted by phone. In-person sessions (for those in Southern California) are possible, but, 1) they need to be held in the West Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area, and 2) they will incur a charge of 30 minutes off the clock (i.e., purchasing a two-hour block for an in-person meeting will yield 90 minutes of actual meeting time).

General Mentoring Consult

Purchase sessions in advance in one-, two- or three-hour blocks

$1000 (1 hour), $1900 (2 hours) or $2800 (3 hours)

You may use your time in minimum 30-minute blocks. 

Interested in a longer-term commitment? Purchase a 10-hour block of time for just $8500 (A $1500 savings off my hourly purchase price). Contact me directly here to discuss the details of this option. (click here)

“OK, I’m Sold! What’s Next?”

Here’s what you do:

Contact me by e-mail ( and suggest at least three possible time slots for the initial session (Mon-Sun, between 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM, PST) AT LEAST 7-14 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF YOUR CONTACT (feel free to ask if I have anything sooner, but 7-14 days out is more typical).

Make payment in advance of session.

NOTE: Missed appointments will incur a 30-minute charge against purchased time.


Pay Online here via PayPal (you’ll pay by credit card—no PayPal account required)