The John Kerwin Kids’ Show

The Tonight Show For Kids!

The John Kerwin Kids’ Show is The Tonight Show for Kids!  Our award-winning host, John Kerwin, has truly found his calling in interviewing and entertaining kids. John has been called a “master of the interview” and now, the hottest stars from Disney, Nickelodeon, and more, are lining up to be guests on this talk show created just for them! Kids everywhere get to explore their favorite clips, celebrity interviews, and join in the fun via DirectTV, YouTube, Amazon, the official website, and soon, The John Kerwin Kids’ Show app!

The John Kerwin Kids’ Show offers the ultimate fun, memorable experience for kids in the studio audience; giving them an opportunity to interact with John and to meet their favorite child and teen stars! Through games, talent contests, and spontaneous comedy, John encourages and inspires kids to be the best they can be and reach for their dreams.  In addition to celebrities, he also invites special guests to the show; ordinary kids doing extraordinary things for this world in the realms of science, humanitarianism, the arts, and beyond. Showing every child in the audience and everyone at home, that they too can make a positive impact in this world!

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