Talk Big Hard Copy with Toolbox & Interview Checklist

Talk Big Hard Copy only with Toolbox, includes Checklist.



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What’s Included:

Talk Big Hard Copy


Going through my files, it occurred to me that there would be great value for readers to have access to my personal documents and correspondences relating to celebrity interviews. 

These letters and documents have consistently worked, and draw on years of trial and error. And you can cut and paste them,then tailor them for your needs.

The Talk Big Toolbox has over a hundred pages of: 

  • Emails to celebrities and publicists that secured guest bookings
  • Sponsor outreach
  • Follow-up notes, editing notes, staff notes, focus group questions 
  • Question lists for specific celebrities
  • Post-interview critiques
  • Effective wheeling and dealing strategies  
  • And much more! 

All designed to make your life as a celebrity interviewer far easier and more successful.

Time Line

Essential to celebrity interviewing is remembering what to do, before, during and after each interview. Stay organized with this step-by-step blueprint for all your interviews! Here’s your own printable turbo-charged, expanded version of Appendix A from the book, with check boxes before each step. It’s a simple way to keep your celebrity interviews on track!

FREE eBook Bonus (instant download after purchase; this is a digital product only – you won’t receive the book): The Talk Big Celebrity Interview Checklist.


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